Resilience Focused Programming

Crystal McFadden, MA, LPC is a dynamic, authentic and strategic.
A Resiliency Communicator dedicated to serving exhausted, burnt-out believers, by equipping them with tools to gain mental miles with eternity in mind. 

Crystal serves groups with
stress navigation, mental wellness, and resiliency resources 
that reignite hope, peace and purpose in
the challenging personal & professional journeys many are experiencing.

This is the value-adding partnership you've been seeking
to serve your leaders and those you are on mission with.

A recent partner shared this:
"I'm torn. Could we....( do xyz ourselves ).... sure.
  But let's face it, you're the engaging presence!"

Crystal's engaging and inspiring content 
targets your audience and presents applicable tools 
relevant for continued group and individual benefit.
By identifying an
 individual's value & promoting the benefits of
team cohesion and stakeholder collaboration,
industries and groups continue to benefit from their decision
to include Crystal to their 
special projects teams or wellness programming efforts.

Crystal has delivered resiliency-minded presentations to 
local, state, national, & world conference stages.

She has served programs serving family, business, ministry,
government, academic & professional audiences.

Many have seen:
- increased productivity
- organizational buy in
- newly motivated group members 
because of the simple & tangible application tools 
consistently identified in her deliveries.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor
passionate about unity and growth across industries, 
project & event planners experience relief
as their teams & leaders are cared for

through feelings of apathy, exhaustion,
and burden that have taken their hearts and minds hostage.

Crystal's approach allows for a collaborative process: 
- Target the need,
- Discuss appropriate program options
- follow strategic pathway of your choice.  

Planners and organizational caretakers
are welcome to walk alongside the process
as life is poured back into their people.

If you hear nothing else....

Gain Mental Miles

Individuals ache to allocate time, energy and emotions to the things they care about the most. Finding tools that help us do that should be accessible as we strive to heal and discover the "us" we were originally designed to be.

Higher levels of resiliency allow us to make clearer decisions, increase productivity and feel energized where it counts the most.

Gain Mental Miles is an affordable monthly subscription for individuals, providing written and video content in weekly e-deliveries that include stress navigation tools to expand and enhance your resiliency.

Workforce Wellness:
Gain Mental Miles

Organizations are stretched thin, adding another meeting or initiative is beyond doable these days. This program delivers in-person and virtual education & encouragement from a professional, edifying your brand, promoting retention, and supporting resiliency & wellness levels of your leaders and team members without taking chunks away from their productivity.

Rise From The Wreckage

When we realize our world has fallen apart and we need support, having a healthy therapy experience should be the least of our worries
Rise From the Wreckage is a journey book that accompanies a person throughout the stages of setting up, utilizing, and moving beyond therapy.

A book written by a licensed therapist who has sat in both client's and the clinician's chair. Aimed to be a tool for organizations to keep in stock & share alongside their referrals and for individuals to keep with them as soon as they realize it might be time to see a therapist. 

Resiliency Communicator

Crystal delivers relevant content, targeted to your audience to support stress navigation, mental wellness, & team cohesion. Many reap the benefits of increased productivity, motivation, and retention in their body when resiliency is targeted by a licensed professional who is passionate about unity and growth.

Special Project Consulting

As leaders & event planners, we can find ourselves busy, tired, and so stretched that it becomes difficult to see or address our teams and fellow leaders who feel the same ways we do - or worse.

In this struggle, leaders often feel the pain of not being sure where to go, what to do, and how to proceed as they have little to give of themselves already.

Crystal addresses your concerns and your team's mental health, wellness, & creative programming needs with compassion, professionalism, & expertise.

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